Passion in Action: The Heart of Rutu Group's Work Ethic

When you enjoy what you do, it shows in the work you do, the love and respect you gain, and the gratitude you receive. This attitude is at the heart of what Rutu Group does. This is what distinguishes team Rutu Group from the rest. It's what motivates us to be a better company and pushes us to keep pushing ourselves to reach our full potential by learning new things about ourselves along the way!

Mr. Pratap Patel,
Founder & Chairman

A distinguished civil engineer and a charismatic leader, Mr. Pratap Patel is the force behind Rutu Group. With over five decades of experience in handling construction and civil engineering projects, Mr. Pratap Patel has been a pioneer in the field of design and execution.

From inception to present day, he has left an indelible mark in the growth and progress behind Rutu Group. As a principal founder of Rutu Group, Mr. Patel has been instrumental in lending support to initiatives outside of real estate such as setting up educational, social, and spiritual institutions.

While he remains actively involved in the overall management of the company, he strives for innovation and implementing best construction practices across all the projects developed by Rutu Group.

His passion for consistent improvement and quality construction has cemented the company’s position in the market.

For Mr. Pratap Patel, Rutu Group signifies urbanism, community engagement, and diversity. His approach is to be bold and creative yet subtle and focused in assessing the potential of real estate opportunities while working towards prosperity for all the stakeholders.

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Mr. Mukund Patel,
Managing Director

A thorough and perfect gentleman, a rare trait in the Indian real estate market, Mr. Mukund Patel leads the overall planning and implementation for Rutu Group.

A Civil Engineer with an M.S. degree from an esteemed American university, Mr. Mukund P. Patel is among the stalwarts of the Indian real estate industry. With an experience of about 35 years in the construction sector, he has helped Rutu Group earn an international reputation and built the organization to be a hallmark in elegance, quality, transparency and trust.

Mr. Mukund Patel's objective to deliver carefully designed homes has improved the standard of life and contributed to the general growth of the geographies in which he chooses to build housing solutions.

For someone who was always inclined to build nature-centric homes, Mr Patel makes sure that each home has a colour palette that is both child-friendly and symbolic of the natural surroundings around the properties.

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Mr. Mukul P. Patel,

A Civil Engineer by qualification and a source of inspiration to many, Mr. Mukul Patel has earned notable experience in the real estate business.

He has put his technical background to perfection in a variety of projects in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Ahmedabad, Bilimora, and Valsad, and has constructed each community with a vision to have excellent living conditions for each family.

Along with endowing his expertise to this industry, he is a part of several social and spiritual organizations, such as the Shree Vile Parle Patidar Mandal, Mumbai, and the Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai.

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Mr. Rushi Patel,

Mr. Rushi M. Patel has always strived to revolutionise the way people think about and experience real estate properties.

He brings in the dynamism and the youthful energy required to propel the organisation forward to new heights.

He is constantly reimagining and believes in providing outstanding experiences to customers on a daily basis. He believes that real estate is about more than just purchasing and selling space; it is about providing unrivaled value to the people who will eventually call that property home.

Mr. Patel has been a trendsetter throughout his career, specialising in sales, marketing, and construction sourcing. His unwavering belief in mindful living has re-energized the company's core values and contributed significantly to its expansion.

Indeed, his unfathomable business vision has always gone above and beyond to support the remarkable performance of Rutu Group.

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