For one to prosper, it is very important to lead a protected and happy life.We ensure safety of your family and security of your financial planning at Rutu Group. We not only build homes but build strong relations leading to a stronger belief. Trust is built with consistency and Rutu Group has always maintained its standards. Quality is something that cannot be compromised on and hence we strive to bring the best to the table for our customers.

If the foundation is made strong, creations can last for centuries serving generations. Every element used undergoes scrutiny of qualifying to the highest standards maintained by us.  From the ceiling to the floor of your home including every single nook and corner, every tile installed, the finishing is personally and preferably chosen by the experts. You will automatically feel at home, the moment you step in any one of the projects built by Rutu Group with a secure neighbourhood, luscious landscapes and luxurious amenities.

We at Rutu Group treat the Environment as our own. The balance of nature looms prominently in our minds. We believe every individual would stay healthy if the environment is healthy, so we aim at giving a human touch to the Environment before and after commencing work. A well decorated outdoor space is equally important as is living in a fancy house. We construct beautiful landscaped gardens, sewage water treatment, rain water harvesting and other such eco-friendly structures to endorse the culture of living in a eco-friendly neighbourhood.

Honesty is important in any profession, but it’s paramount in an industry such as real estate. When you buy or sell a home, you’re most likely handling the most substantial financial transaction of your life. We understand these aspects and hence Rutu Group strongly believes in the saying ‘Honesty is the best Policy’. All our connections with land owners, investors, suppliers, contractors and customers are based & built on complete honesty. Honesty has always been the guiding principle of Rutu Group.